Our WhatsApp Business Application First Test Results

So here’s everything that we have found out while working with WhatsApp Business Application, and as well as all you need to know, about the WhatsApp business android app. Now for all those that do not know, the WhatsApp business application, is even more of the regular version of WhatsApp, but comes equipped with a handful of some newly added features, that aims to help company owners to easily get in quick touch with their clients, since WhatsApp is among the biggest social network and IM platforms, then there is no doubt, this will be one of the greatest means for both small and large company owners to converse with their variable number of clients at any moment, and at any place.

Here are the features of the WhatsApp business application, listed one after the other, with their varying functions. List Of Devices That Won’t Be Supporting WhatsApp From Dec 31st 2017, and In The Coming Months Of 2018. The WhatsApp Business App Allows You To Create A One time Business Name, Which Can not Be Changed. So the first thing we noticed while opening the application for the very first time, was that it enables you to create a business name for yourself, which can’t be changed, unlike that name found on the regular version, which you can decide to change at anytime, and at any day. This could be a turn off for some people already, but probably not a turn off for all those, who really mean business.

You are In addition Given Options To Add Details To Your Business. Aside from the company naming feature, the application also comes along with a few handy options to assist you to describe your company more easily to your clients. The WhatsApp Business app is also immune to spyware and hacks from literaturaenpapelhigienico which can compromise you business account and spy on the WhatsApp messages. On the application settings menu, you could put down your company address, or just select the location on the already provided map, you can select a category for your kind of business, write a brief description of what your company is about, tell people about your company closing and opening hours for every day, or the week as a whole, provide an e-mail address, and a web address for it. Then there’s also a ton of some real time messaging Features. Still on the WhatsApp business thing, you are as well given a list of features called messaging tools, to make your messages or your chats, feel and sound more business like.

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